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The sweetest sound


By Christina Sáenz

White cords hang from our heads. They are often connected to an electronic device created to fill our ears and souls with sounds ... or as many would say, noise. As I contemplate the phenomenon, I wonder about what exactly is being pumped through the wires. I wonder if we are always listening to the meaning behind the multitude of words seeping into our souls: Words of love, anger, hope or perhaps words of loss.

It is difficult to know for sure, since we mostly stare straight ahead with no visible emotion or reaction to what is entering our minds...; our hearts...; our souls. Is there any discrimination when it comes to choosing what should be allowed to dance within us? Typically, I would assume the answer is "no." Other times, as our minds and hearts become clouded with our choice of "sound," we eagerly multitask as the sounds fill us &ellipsis; fill our lives. What does it take for us to look up from our sound-induced trance? Can it be a tap on the shoulder? An announcement over a loud speaker? Perhaps a dead battery?

Christina Sáenz

A decade ago, I heard the sweetest sound my heart and mind could ever fathom. It was the voice of my Lord &ellipsis; calling me &ellipsis; in my imperfection, in my insecurity, in my fear. He was calling me to abandon everything and follow Him. He was calling me to serve him with my life. I agreed, partially. It was the beginning of a journey that has brought me to this moment. Throughout the years, I have found myself filling my heart and soul with the various sounds of life that appeared to be correct&ellipsis; safe. I have had moments of surrender and moments of withholding, moments of peace and moments of struggle, moments of contentment and moments of restlessness. Through all the noise, I have remembered the sweet sound that resonated in my heart 10 years ago. I have realized that it is incomparable, unmatchable and unrivaled.

Just like the tap on the shoulder, the announcement on the loud speaker or a dead battery, Jesus has yanked the cord from my ears and has once again reminded me of the response I made to his call a decade ago. Resistant, but willingly, I have begun clearing my heart and soul from the noises of life and have yet again heard the still and sweet voice of my Lord...; the voice that resonates in the depth of my soul...; the voice calling me urgently and without seizing. Though my mind cannot fully comprehend and conceive where the Lord is leading me, I know that I must remain in him. No matter the depths, nor heights, I surrender ALL. "If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" (John 15: 5).

--Christina Sáenz is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. She is the youth coordinator of El Buen Pastor UMC, in Edinburg, Texas

el intérprete, enero-febrero, 2011